How to hard reset your Kindle Fire HD

We show you how to fix software problems on your Kindle Fire HD with a factory resetWhen Kindle Fire HD software problems crop up, one has to be prepared. They can ruin a good game or even kill productivity. Besides throwing your Kindle Fire HD out the windows or smashing it, the next best thing you can do to try to fix a software problem is a hard reset.

What exactly is a hardware reset you ask? It's a process that resets your Kindle Fire HD to factory settings. While there are a number of reasons you might want to reset your tablet, the main reason is really to fix issues. You also may want to reset it if you or selling it or giving it to someone.

While the hard reset process doesn't take that long it should be a last-ditch effort as it erases everything on your tablet. Normally, I don't erase my tablet until nothing else works to fix it.

To factory reset your Kindle Fire HD, follow the steps below:

Go to the Settings app.

In the Settings app, tap My Account.

Scroll down and tap Deregister.

Follow the on-screen instructions and confirm you want to Deregister.

Go back to Settings app, then Device.

Scroll down and tap Reset to Factory Defaults.

Your Kindle Fire HD will reset and reboot.



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Published By: knowyourcell - Wednesday, 2 January, 2013